Site Terms of Use

We hereby declare the terms of use (hereinafter referred to as “this Agreement”) on the use of the official website “” (hereinafter referred to as “this Website”) operated by Hashimoto Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”)

  • Clause 1
    About immunity

    Use of this Website is taken as the responsibility of the user, no responsibility is taken for any damage, losses or trouble caused by use.
    Furthermore, no responsibility is taken for any damage, loss or trouble that occurred to a third party through the use of this Website.
    We may discontinue, cancel, or change the contents of this Website without prior notice.
    We will not be responsible for any damages, losses or trouble that occurrs to the user.

    Clause 2
    About copyright

    All copyrights and intellectual property rights such as documents, images, designs and programs posted on this Website belong to us.
    Usage beyond the private use permitted by law (duplication, tampering, distribution, other secondary use, misleading use) are prohibited.

    Clause 3
    About the Usage Environment (hereinafter referred to as “this Website") recommends the use of the following environments. When using this Website, certain features may not be displayed correctly depending on your environment settings, please check the contents below before using this Website.

    ■ iPhone : iOS 7 or later
    ◦Safari Browser

    ■ Android : Android 4.0.4 or later
    ◦Standard Browser

    ■ Windows:Windows7 or later
    ◦InternetExplorer 11 or later / Wedge latest version / Firefox latest version / Chrome latest version

    ■ Macintosh:Mac OS 10.9.5 or later
    ◦Safari latest version / Firefox latest version / Chrome latest version

    ■ Browser Settings
    In order to use this Website, the following browser settings are required.
    ◦Some content uses JavaScript. Please Enable JavaScript usage.
    ◦Cookie information is used for some content. Please Accept Cookies usage.

    ■ Security
    This Website protects your personal information using "SSL".
    We automatically encrypt and transmit personal information such as name, address, telephone number etc. that is entered by the customer.
    (SSL is an internet security function that communicates by encrypting information.)

    Clause 4
    Prohibited matter

    In using this website, the following acts shall not be performed.

    1) Actions that infringe on a third party or the Company's property or privacy, or acts that might be construed as such.
    2) Acts that give disadvantage or damage to a third party or the company, or acts that might be construed as such.
    3) Acts contrary to public order and morals, or acts that might be construed as such.
    4) Criminal Acts or acts that lead to criminal acts, or acts that might be construed as such.
    5) Act of conducting false declarations and notifications, such as registering the e-mail address of another person.
    6) Acts solely for the purpose of sales activities or profit, or acts aimed at leading to such activities.
    7) Acts of harming a third party or the company's honour or credibility.
    8) Acts of using or providing harmful programs such as computer viruses, or acts that might be construed as such.
    9) Other acts that violate laws, regulations or ordinances, or acts that might be construed as such.
    10) Other actions that the Company deems inappropriate.

    Clause 5
    Customer consent

    On this Website, we provide services on the premise that the client agrees, based on the "personal information protection policy" defined by the Company and based on this Agreement.
    In addition, we may change / revise to provide better service to our customers, and in that regard we also assume the client has agreed to the above policies and agreements.

    Clause 6
    Governing law and court of juristriction

    Usage of this site and interpretation and application of the terms of use of this site are in accordance with Japanese law.
    Regarding all disputes related to the use of this site, unless otherwise specified, the Osaka District Court shall be the exclusive court of jurisdiction.

    Clause 7
    About change of contract

    Please understand that this agreement may be changed without your consent.

    Established April 1, 2017