Sample book

Hashimoto Industry, in pursuit of the possibilities of leather, sells an “original sample book" of each product so that you may actually feel and see the quality and colour variation of our products.
We have many different kinds of leather products that stimulate the senses of every creator, please make use of our "original sample book" of leather products confidently provided by Hashimoto Industry.

When you find the product sample book you want to purchase, select “Number of sample books to purchase" from the sample book list below.
Multiple selections are possible. When your sample book purchase selection is complete, please enter customer information in the "customer information input form" at the bottom of the page and proceed to the confirmation of order and input page.

If you have any questions about the sample book, please do not hesitate to contact us using the inquiry form.

About purchases

  • Each sample book has a different number of samples based on the colour variation of the product.
  • The selling price will be a uniform 1100 yen each (including tax) with free shipping.
  • The payment method will be Cash On Delivery.
  • Cash On Delivery fees will be paid by the customer.

Cash on delivery commissions

〜 10,000 yen / handling fee 400 yen 〜 30,000 yen / handling fee 500 yen 〜 100,000 yen / handling fee 700 yen

Please be aware that there can be delays for inquiries received on Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, during New Year's holidays and large consecutive holidays. We will contact you as soon as possible after the holiday.

Tanned leather sample book

  • Buono Anirine

  • Piano

  • Jeans

  • Earth Leather / Eco Soft / Reverse Side Oil / Ginzuri Oil

  • Oil Cordovan

  • Tanned Horse Leather / Horse Standard

  • Long Run

  • Summer Oil / Takada Belt / Mishiba Crop / Friage

  • Creek

  • W Kogashi / Oil Vacchetta

  • Darling

  • Shrink Tanned

  • Bridle

  • Dip Work Harness / Oil Latino / Prestige

  • No Glaze Harness

  • Regina

  • Vono Oil

  • Palaia

  • Toiano

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Chrome Leather sample book

  • Number One

  • Oil Dakota

  • Loire

  • Caster Tanned

  • Kip Direct

  • Pig Suede

  • Jersey Suede

  • S Nubuck

  • TOYS

  • Soft Glass

  • Start Ⅱ

  • Soft Shrink

  • Stingray

  • Garment

  • Noir Calf

  • 801

  • Super Metallic

  • Super Leather

  • Trendu Lamb

  • New Hip

  • Carlos

  • Premiium bit shrink

  • Fuwari

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Cotton duck sample book

  • U.S.DUCK

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