Company:Staff introduction

At Hashimoto Industry, we have specialist staff, with a broad knowledge in leather, to propose optimum solutions for our customers. For anything related to leather please do not hesitate to contact our staff.

  • Osaka

    • Kazuhiro Tomino

      We are committed to attentive customer service. We look forward to discussing with you any request you have.

    • Hiroyuki Nagashima

      From the very first step we will make full use of our know-how cultivated by belt making and from other fields.

    • Kojiro Otsuka

      We will do our utmost to back up materials, product planning, and customer product creation. Please feel free to contact us!

      Phone. 080-4186-2582

      Line ID. hasimotofukuoka


  • Tokyo

    • Toshiaki Ota

      Based on our experiences cultivated to date, we will respond reliably to our customer’s request for both material and string processing.

      Phone. 090-2160-1692


    • Matsumoto Masaki

      We will perform the required footwork to meet the various needs of our clients.

      Phone. 090-2430-4317


    • Sho Masuda

      We will do our utmost to assist our client’s various manufacturing needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us !

      Phone. 080-4915-2246

      Line ID. mgs23