Company : Main Tanner


    Tochigi, Japan

    Since 1937, we have used a unique form of vegetable- and pit-tanning.
    In the 1990s, we adopted an integrated production system, including fabric sales, dyeing, and finishing.
    We have continued to produce finished leather goods, such as purses, bags, shoes, and belts.


    Hyogo, Japan

    Established as a dyeing business in 1969 in Honda-cho, Tatsuno City, Hyogo Prefecture—the major leather production area in Japan.
    The tradition of “Leather that feels good in the hands for a long time” is combined with the never-ending pursuit of innovation through new technology.
    “Our responsibility, pride, and joy as tanners is ‘continuously striving to produce good leather’ by combining effort and research.”


    Hyogo, Japan

    Since 1951, we have produced tanned horse leather based on an original Cordovan method, using a tanning pit, and several unique finishing techniques.
    We also make vegetable- and chrome-tanned horse hides for garments, luggage, shoes, and more.


    Pennsylvania, USA

    The well-established tanner Wickett & Craig was founded in Toronto, Canada in 1867, and moved its operations to the American state of Pennsylvania in 1990. It is the oldest company of its kind in North America. Filled with pit tanks, Wickett & Craig’s huge factory, with a floor space of some 30,000 square meters, provides leather to some of the world’s most famous and highest quality brands.

    Taking special care even with its raw hides, the company has consistently used Continental breeds (species native to the continent) with a uniform thickness for 120 years, employing only the best, extra-thick North American steer hides. These valuable over six-millimeter thick hides are processed with full-vegetable tanning in pit tanks. The company primarily produces equestrian goods.

    These reins and other items used for riding horses are first-rate products permeated with oil to make them waterproof, protect against dehydration, and ensure durability.