Whats is OEM ?

OEM production is when you want to “make” something but don’t have the knowledge or know how. For clients that want to sell something original we will act as an agent in the “making” process.

At NEKONOTE we will project manage the “making” process. Anything you can think of we can do, just ask us.

Frequently asked questions here

The flow of the first request.

  • Contact Us

    Please call us directly or fill out the Contact Form.

    Mail : info@lfactory.com
    Contact Form available 24 hours a day!

    Telephone number : 06-6773-2296
    Telephone Contact hours AM10:00 ~ PM17:00!

  • First meeting

    A decision is made on the shape, functionality and materials to be used.

    If the client can make it to the office the meeting will be done in person, sample cuts of material can be sent to distant clients and interaction will be done mainly by phone and email.

    There are abundant materials and colours to choose from !

  • Rough Estimation

    The approximate unit price and initial cost will be calculated.

    If all is OK then proceed to 4) if there are any issues then a subsequent meeting will be held.
    There is no charge to the client up to this point.

    Our goal is to balance quality with price!

  • Sample production, Formal estimate

    At this stage a sample will be made at cost and an official estimate will be calculated.

    If all is OK then proceed to 5) , if there are any issues then a subsequent meeting will be held and a second sample produced.

    a sample quotation will be produced.

    Our goal is to reach a mutual decision on quality and price.

  • Order

    After receiving an official order you will be informed of the delivery date.

    Every effort will be made to meet your expected delivery date.

  • Production

    Production will take between 1.5 and 2.5 months.

    Some material may be difficult to source, this can add to the production timing.

    Careful inspection and attention to detail is given at each step, including the sewing phase.

  • Payment

    For the first request, payment is required before delivery of the product. After a decision on the quantity of the order, you will be informed of the invoice amount.

    The client will be informed as soon as production is complete !

  • Delivery

    All methods of pickup, shipping, delivery can be used.

    The delivery method most convenient for the client will be used.

  • Confirmation

    If you have any issues, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Care is given to the delivery of each and every finished product.

Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Q1. Can I handle leather goods, even if I know nothing about leather ?

    A. Yes, We have staff standing by to answer any and all questions about leather. We can discuss everything about leather and the “making” process.

    Check out all things leather.

  • Q2. What type of leather can be used in the “making” process ?

    A. Hashimoto Industry has many tanned leather and chromed leathers. You can use any leather in the “making” process.

  • Q3. What is the smallest lot size available ?

    A. For accessories the smallest lot size is the number from one half piece of leather. For large size objects the normal lots size would be 30 items. If less items are required then a proposal can be made at a unit price based on the material. We can negotiate for any number.

  • Q4. Can you make only one singular item ?

    A. We are very sorry, but we do not accept making only one singular bag or wallet. In regards to shop interiors etc, please contact us to discuss.

  • Q5. Can you mass produce at low costs ?

    A. We are very sorry, but we cannot accept large scale production at low costs. We offer high quality products at a price that is commensurate with the production process.

  • Q6. What can be done if distance prevents a face to face meeting ?

    A. For distant clients email or phone communications can be utilised. It is not possible send a whole piece of leather, however, sample books and sample cuts can be sent to assist the material selection process.

  • Q7. Is it possible to combine fabric and leather in the “making” process ?

    A. Yes, various materials can be used in the “making” process.

  • Q8. If the design does not come easily to mind, can you assist ?

    A. Yes, we can assist and suggest various designs, there are also standard templates that can be used.

  • Q9. How much is the initial cost ?

    A. Other than the price of the product other costs could include sample product costs, cutting costs, plate costs. If these items are required then a rough estimate can be made.

    a sample quotation will be produced.

  • Q10. Is it possible to reduce the initial cost in the “making” process ?

    A. Yes, there are standard templates that can be used. If these can be used then cutting costs can be excluded.

  • Q11. Can you make only the leather parts ?

    A. Yes, please discuss with us the making of leather parts only.

    Check out leather parts list.