Company : Technique

    Cutting : Cutting: A technique for roughly trimming leather according to the width of the tape.

    Craftsmen determine, based on shape and the direction of pull of the leather, how to cut causing the least amount of loss, each job is assessed individually.

    Press : Press: A technique used to stamp a mark such as a logo.

    The process of stamping a logo requires experience based on the climate, temperature and kind of leather. Based on years of experience, adjustments to the speed and pressure of the press according to the situation at that time are made.

    Kobasuki : obasuki: Is an important skill where leather tapes would not be formed without it.

    This work requires simultaneous adjustment of the thickness, cutting method, width and shape of the tape. It is work that requires the skill and technique of a skilled craftsman.

    Clicker : Clicker: A technique to separate leather by chiselling.

    The leather is placed under a press machine, the chisel is applied while checking the size of the leather to ensure the minimum loss.

    Leather ski : Leather ski: Technology to trim the leather and adjust the thickness.

    Depending on the thickness of the leather, the degree of scraping of the leather changes, work progressing while checking the condition of the leather. It is work that requires the skill and technique of a skilled craftsman.

    Slitter (skin cutting) : Slitter (skin cutting): A technique to cut leather straight and into the same size and spacing.

    At first sight, it seems like an insignificant skill, but cutting a section straight is a very difficult task. For that reason, the skill and experience of the craftsmen is essential. Understanding the characteristics of soft leather, hard leather, and other types of leather, is required to adjust the level of work.

    Tape core drawing : Tape core drawing: A technique of applying glue to the core of the tape.

    It is an important task that affects the quality of the tape. For a big drum, if you do not wind the core evenly, the way it dries will change greatly, this work must be monitored constantly.

    Leather tape tether : Leather tape tether: A technique to connect leather seemlessly.

    This work connects leather carefully so the seams are not conspicuous. The enthusiasm of craftsmen with 30 years experience set Hashimoto Industry aside.

    Leather tape folding : Leather tape folding: A technique to fold leather into various tape widths.

    It is no exaggeration to say that for Hashimoto Industry "Everything started from here", regarding work to fold leather into the desired width. Technical ability to be able to fold to the finest 1 m/m producing the highest quality strong leather tape.

    Sewing : Sewing: Techniques for sewing the product.

    Based on the application, a selection of about 30 sewing machines are available. While confirming thread thickness, thread colour and pitch, the product is carefully finished according to client’s request.

    Leather tape finishing : Leather tape finishing: Technology to produce the bobbin winding and cupping of leather tape.

    Based on client demand we will produce bobbin windings and/or cupping. Working carefully so as not to twist or roll up, the finished product is delivered directly to our clients.