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A glassy leather characterised by a matte texture leaving an invigorating impression.

The front side of the leather has been processed with a urethane resin making it scratch resistant, given its strength, it is often used for the handle and back of belts.
Glassy matte texture leaving an invigorating impression with an elegant finish that can be used for various products.

Leather Type

Cowhide leather

Zoological name

Bos taurus

Country of Origin


Leather Size


Leather Thickness


Recommended Usages

Handicraft parts. Apparel parts. Belt.


  • G1

  • G2

  • G3

  • G4

  • G5

  • G6

  • G7

  • G8

  • G9

  • G10

  • G11

  • G12

  • G13

  • G14

  • G15

  • G16

  • G17

  • G18

  • G19

  • G20

Sample Book

Hashimoto Industry, in pursuit of the possibilities of leather, sells an “original sample book” of each product so that you may actually feel and see the quality and colour variation of our products.

If you wish to purchase “Soft Glass“, please proceed to the “Sample Book List” from the button below and select “Soft Glass” to let us know the content of your order.

About purchases

· Each sample book has a different number of samples based on the colour variation of the product.
· The selling price will be a uniform 1100 yen each (including tax) with free shipping.
· The payment method will be Cash On Delivery.
· Cash On Delivery fees will be paid by the customer.

Please be aware that there can be delays for inquiries received on Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, during New Year’s holidays and large consecutive holidays. We will contact you as soon as possible after the holiday.

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