Leather Strap :NEWBoth Edges Aligned machined tape

A machined tape with both edges aligned, characterized by a thin, soft finish.

Like a four-fold machined tape, is a machined tape with both edges aligned that does not use a core.
It is a product recommended for parts that you do not want to have thickness and for products that you want to finish cleanly and lightly.
It is characterised by a thin, soft finish, and it is often used for hand straps and the like.

Production Process: The leather is cut to the required width, it is cut again after the thickness has been adjusted.
After that, both edges are folded back slightly, then it is further folded in two, and finished by sewing with a sewing machine.

Processing Width:

3mm to 10mm

Used Leather

Number One or Noar Calf Others require consultation

Minimum Lot

30m ~ Sample cuts require consultation


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